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Fashion Hailey Bieber Pulled a Katie Holmes After Her Wedding...

Hailey Bieber Pulled a Katie Holmes After Her Wedding and Matched Her Bra to Her Jacket


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We might not have a full photo of Hailey Bieber’s wedding dress (yet), but we already know the model went above and beyond style-wise when she married Justin Bieber (for the second time). Her reception look reminded us of Meghan Markle, and her earrings alone cost a whopping six figures. Even her look the day after the big event — which was shared by her pal Kelia Termini on Instagram stories — was far from subtle.

Rather than throwing on a cozy sweatsuit after a night of partying, Mrs. Bieber decided to go with something structured. She kept with the bridal theme by opting for a white suit, but gave the look a very off-duty twist. Rather than buttoning up, she chose to complete her outfit with a white bra. Almost immediately, we were reminded of the Khaite cardigan set that Katie Holmes wore a few weeks ago. Judging from these two ensembles, it looks like fancy, matching bras are totally having a moment, people.

Bieber’s bra is actually from Naked Wardrobe, and it’s super affordable. The item, which is ruched in the center with thin straps, rings up at $24 and comes in sizes small, medium, and large. 

The good thing is, unlike a wedding dress, this baby can be worn many times over, both under clothes and as a top.


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